SSD Chemical Solution and Counterfeit Money

First-class SSD chemical solution to make your notes stain-free again

Not only do we provide you with an SSD solution chemical for sale, but also we boast an ever- increasing range of other services including sales of ready made Grade A counterfeit Bills. Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art note cleaning machines and standby technicians for hire.

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This chemical solution likewise conveys a couple of components in it to be specific SSD3 Solution, SSD Castro X Oxide Solution, SSD Mercury Disosine Automatic Solution, and D7 SSD Solution PK 58. With these components in the solution, the stains on the banknotes get cleaned from the root.

We have different types of chemicals that can perfectly clean out your defaced note, Black note , Red notes , Green notes , Stained notes , Stamped notes and also coded notes. We also melt frozen chemicals in our laboratory and our services are professional We thus Provide legal document for all our products.